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There is a lot of jargon that comes with data science and machine learning. Often, it takes a while to really understand some concepts that are often masked by formal definitions and mathematical equations. Allegedly, according to Einstein,

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to…


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If you want to take your first few serious steps toward becoming an expert in deep learning, here is your opportunity!

They don’t come more easily (and for free) than this…

Perhaps the most well-known resource for learning deep learning is Andrew Ng’s series of 5 courses on Coursera. Those courses are still a great resource for anyone learning the fundamentals of the field but they are now a few years…


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As someone working in data science for over a decade, it is frustrating to see people prophesying on how the field will get extinct in 10 years. The typical reason given is how emerging AutoML tools will eliminate the need for practitioners to develop their own algorithms.

I find such…

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Until recently, I struggled with consistently staying productive. I have achieved phenomenal successes close to deadlines, but I never managed to keep momentum. Thanks to being in academia, I attended numerous courses and training workshops in the last 14 years to improve. However, at best, most of those have been…

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This post will help you understand Bayesian inference at an intuitive level with the help of a simple case study. I hope that once you read this article, you will be very clear on how the well-known “Bayes theorem” is used, what do the terms in the theorem mean (prior…


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Statistics and World War 2

To minimize bomber plane losses to enemy fire during World War 2, the US military wanted to armor the planes in places where they are most needed (identified as the points where the planes were the most damaged on return).

The challenge was to figure out the right amount of…


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Despite being amongst the few fundamental concepts in data science, the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) is still misunderstood.

Questions around such fundamental statistical concepts do pop up in data science interviews. Yet, you’d be surprised how often aspiring data scientists invest their learning time on the latest trends and new…


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Don’t Let Your Skillset Get Extinct

The data science field is evolving at an unprecedented pace. While the field is certainly not becoming extinct in the foreseeable future, your skillset may well do if you cease learning and upskilling.

Data science continues to enjoy the spotlight as more organizations wish to use data to stay competitive…


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If you have ever wanted to analyze data and add a new toolkit to your skillset that is used by professional data scientists, then read on.

Rather than presenting a dry list of commands, this tutorial will use a specific case study as a motivating example to teach you everything…


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Had the correct scatterplot or data table been constructed, no one would have dared to risk the Challenger in such cold weather. Edward Tufte

It was supposed to be a landmark day in modern history.

The first civilian (a high school teacher named Christina McAuliffe) was selected to go into…

Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)

Scientist (several research publications in prestigious journals such as The Lancet, Brain, Thorax, IEEE Transactions), love writing for meaning & impact…

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