A Practical Framework To Develop Products Or Services

Key insights from Harvard’s Course “Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market”. The lessons are valuable for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)


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This article will summarize some of the key concepts from Harvard’s course (Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market, available via the edX platform). The overall idea of the course is to show how entrepreneurs match new technologies (inventions) to customer needs and launch successful businesses.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from this course and I intend to summarize the key concepts in a sequence of articles here.

This course introduces various tools/frameworks that you can then systematically apply in your entrepreneurial journey. There are numerous factors (including luck) that will determine if your new innovative venture will be a success or a failure.

However, a systematic approach greatly increases the odds of success. And that is the real value of taking such courses!

Why Not Take The Course Directly from edX Instead of Reading This Article?

Let’s get this out of the way in case you are wondering so that you don’t waste your time. You will benefit from the sequence of articles I am going to post if one of the following applies:

1: You don’t have the capacity (time and space) to go through the course at the moment but you are still interested in learning more about entrepreneurship (with a focus on science and technology).

2: You have/will enroll in the course and my article sequence will then act as a revision/consolidation tool.

3: You may have heard about the Feynman technique of learning any subject: Teach whatever you learn in simpler words so that even a child can understand it. Through this article series, you will get a practical demonstration of a variation of the Feynman technique (write public articles about what you learn). In addition, I will also add additional examples/concepts as we go along.

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