Hi Mikhail, thank you for the comment. I did indeed read your post before drafting mine. The idea that data science may become extinct in 10 years have been mentioned in other platforms too, that I had come across. So my article was a collective rebuttal to the idea in general.

However, I read your article with keen interest and some of the comments were unfairly critical. I believe I had understood your point of view, and as you said, our opinions align. Perhaps it was the title that led some people to infer as if the whole field is becoming extinct...

I am all for sharing opinions even if they challenge the popular consensus (just that the burden of proof is greater if the mainstream view is challenged).. I am glad you commented and I look forward to more constructive exchanges in the future.



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Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)

Scientist (several research publications in prestigious journals such as The Lancet, Brain, Thorax, IEEE Transactions), love writing for meaning & impact…